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    Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry & Blackberry (Rubus spp.)

    • Soak roots before planting and keep well-watered. Soil Moist Water Storing Gel is recommended for raspberries and conifers. 
    • Stems of newly planted red raspberries may not produce shoots; new shoots will arise from crowns/rhizomes.
    • Pruning in a nutshell
      • Brambles fruit on either 1st year canes (primocanes) or on 2nd year canes (floricanes) - or both.
      • Floricane raspberries, black raspberries, and blackberries: In early spring prune out last year's (dead) fruiting canes. In early summer, head back 2nd year canes to promote lateral branches and more flowers/fruit. UME Extension Bulletin: Growing Balckberries & Raspberries
      • Primocane raspberries: 1) may be treated like floricanes for an early summer crop (Prelude): 2) may be pruned to the ground each spring for a late crop on primocanes; or 3) leave floricanes and primocanes for a summer and fall crop.  Blackberries and Black Raspberries fruit on 2nd year canes or floricanes.  Planting and Pruning Primocane Raspberries

    Red Raspberries

    Raspberry, Caroline  Z4. Mid-season everbearing variety. Upright, productive canes. Large, red fruit with intense raspberry flavor. Resists Phytophthora root rot. Some fruit on first year canes.   Bundle of 5 for $18.00

    Raspberry, Joan J  Z4. Early primocane/everbearing raspberry. Thornless, high-yielding. Large, firm fruit with good flavor; freezes well. If used to produce a double crop, the summer crop will fruit at around the same time as Nova.  Bundle of 5 for $18.00


    Raspberry, Nova Z3. Mid-season. Hardy with high-quality, firm, bright red fruit with good shelf life. Upright canes are productive with minimal spines and long laterals for easy picking. Fruits on 2nd year canes.  Bundle of 5 for $18.00


    Raspberry, Polana  Z3. Early fruiting everbearing/primocane variety - late Aug. Large, firm, easy-to-pick berries with good flavor at the top of short 1st and 2nd year canes. Needs extra fertilizer in May/Jun.  Bundle of 5 for $18.00



    Raspberry, Prelude  Z3.  Earliest summer variety & a fall crop! Large, firm fruits are sweet & juicy. Good fresh, for jam & freezing. Hardy, vigorous, & resistant to Phytophthora rot. Fruit is produced on 2nd year canes. Bundle of 5 for $18.00

    Black Raspberry

    Black raspberry,  Bristol  Z5. Heirloom quality, early, med-lg, firm, black fruit with BEST flavor! Excellent yields, upright growth, easy picking. Fresh, frozen, or jam. Non-suckering; canes tip layer. Fruits on 2nd year canes; cut back 1-yr canes early summer to 2-3’; prune 2nd year laterals  $8.50


    Blackberry, Chester Thornless  Z5. Prolific vine w/med size, jet black fruit; firm, sweet, & rich. Fruit produced on 2nd year canes; let ripen on the vine for easy harvest. Cut back 1-yr canes early summer to 2-3’.  $8.50

    Blackberry, Darrow  Z5. Exceptionally hardy, upright canes with thorns produce large, sweet, black fruit over a long period. Fruit produced on 2nd year canes; let ripen on the vine for easy harvest. Cut back 1-yr canes early summer to 2-3’.   $8.50

    Soil Moist Water Storing Gel  Reduces transplant shock on seedlings and woody plants. Mix with water and dip roots just before planting. Non-toxic & environmentally safe, but not allowed for OG certification. 1 oz mixed with 1.5 - 3 gallons of water will treat up to 250 transplants, depending on size.   Highly recommended for conifers and raspberries. 1 oz packet    $4.00

    Saskatoon or Juneberry  (Amelanchier alnifolia)

    Saskatoon  Z3. Northwest native serviceberry. Delicious fruit, beautiful flowers & yellow to orange-red fall color. ~6 ft shrub prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Grown commercially for fruit in Canada AND makes a great small ornamental or wildlife plant!  18-24"  $7.00 

    Highbush Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum)

    • Blueberries require at least 2 varieties for good pollination and fruit production.
    • Blueberries also require acid, humus soil & excellent drainage. Apply peat moss, rotted sawdust, &/or decayed leaves.
    • Plant in May or Sep-Oct; keep watered. No commercial fertilizer for first 2-3 years. Lots of moisture in late Aug/early Sep helps set next year‘s buds.
    • 2-yr-old bareroot plants are 12-24" (depending on variety)
    • UME Extension: Growing Highbush Blueberries

    Blueray Z4. Mid-season; ripens after Patriot. Large, dark-blue berries; best-tasting, high-quality fruit. Vigorous, productive, winter-hardy; upright, spreading; scarlet fall color. 4’x5’ $16.00

    Jersey Z4. High yields of very sweet, dark blue berries. Easy to grow, vigorous, upright plant. Excellent flavor, freezing, hardiness & ornamental value   $16.00  

    Northland  Z3. Early. Medium-sized berries w/flavor like wild blueberries. Excellent winter hardiness; limber branches tolerate snow. Dense w/spreading habit. Red/orange fall color.  4’x5’   $16.00  


    Patriot  Z3. Early. Extremely winter-hardy w/low bush parentage. Vigorous & upright. Adapts to many different soil types; performs better in heavier soil than others. Fiery fall color. 3’-5’   $16.00

    Reka  Z4. Early, hardy, with large crops, great flavor. Soil adaptable from light sandy soils, peat to heavier clay loams; more tolerant of wetter ground than other varieties. Fruit is an attractive dark-blue color and freezes well. 4'-6'  $16.00

    Strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa)

    • Loosen bundle and refrigerate plants until planting. 
    • June-bearing: Remove all blossoms first year; harvest berries 2nd year. Allow runners to fill in row. Enrich with manure. Bed may last 5 years. 
    • Everbearing: Remove all flowers for 6 weeks after planting and remove all runners 1st season. Heavy feeder: Enrich soil with manure before planting and side-dress monthly. Till under after 2nd year and replant.
    • UME Extension: Growing Strawberries

    June bearing

    Galletta Z4. Early season with large, glossy berries; excellent flavor & for the freezer. Highly productive and holds fruit size thru season. Vigorous and tolerates heavy soils; foliage and Red Stele disease resistant. Bundle of 25 for $9.50    

    Cavendish Z3. Early mid-season. High yields of large, firm berries ripen over a long growing season. Excellent flavor and overall quality of the fruit makes this variety a good choice fresh and freezing. Highly resistant to red stele and has some resistance to Verticillium wilt. Bundle of 25 for $9.50  New!


    Jewel strawberry  Z4. Mid-season. Picture-perfect! Bright red, glossy, firm fruit w/excellent flavor & aroma. Great for fresh fruit/freezing (Found some in my freezer 4 yrs old - still bright red & delicious!) Compact growers; disease resistant.  Bundle of 25 for $9.50

    Sparkle   Z3. Late mid-season. For 60 years, considered by many to be the best berry for jam/freezing! Vigorous, productive plants.   Bundle of 25 for $9.50


    Mara des Bois   Z4. Everbearing. French variety. Medium fruit with highest flavor and fragrance of any everbearer. I planted these in 2017 and they are aromatic & delicious! Plant in spring for summer/fall crop and good crop following summer. Bundle of 25 for $9.50

    Grapes (Vitis spp.) 

    •  2 yr old vines; 15-18’ at maturity
    •  Plant with crown at soil surface, roots spread out in hole, 8-12" apart
    •  Moderate fertility, excellent drainage, full sun
    •  Provide support - Top Wire Cordon recommended (Download PDF here)
    •  Prune in fall

    Blue, White & Red Collection: One vine each of Bluebell, Edelweiss and Delaware from AA Vineyards in Fredonia, NY. All developed from native American labrusca grapes and hardy to at least Zone 4.
    Three vines
    for $25.00

    Bluebell Z4(3) Early mid-season. Dark blue, seeded berries ripen 2 weeks before Concord. Delicious fresh, juice, jelly. Easy to grow, vigorous vine with no fungal diseases! 



    Edelweiss  Z3. Early mid-season. Sweet, juicy, green, seeded grape for eating fresh, juice, jelly or fruity wine. Large, loose clusters of medium size fruit. Disease resistant. 




    Delaware Z4. Mid-season. Medium size clusters of fancy, red, seeded grape for eating fresh or spicy wine. Considered one of the best red table grapes!