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* We try hard to be in the office between 8:30am and 4:30pm on Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri, but please call ahead to be sure!

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    Board of Supervisors


    Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is guided by a volunteer board of local landowners - three elected and two appointed supervisors - who each serve overlapping three year terms. The District also is advised by non-voting associate supervisors appointed by the Board to expand the pool of knowledge, interest, and volunteer assistance for District programs and projects.

    Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of most months at 6:30pm at the District Office and are open to the public.

    Meet Our Supervisors

    Mark F. Hedrich (Chair) has been an elected Supervisor since 1986. Mark and his wife, Linda Rose, own Agricola Farms, a diversified 117 acre farm in Union, where they raise forage crops, flowers, bedding plants, and vegetables, in addition to operating Agricola Farms County Store and a Gallagher Power Fence dealership. Mark graduated from the UMaine at Orono with a B.S. in Animal and Veterinary Sciences and received an M.S. from Cornell University, specializing in ruminant nutrition. Formerly, he was a planner and administrator at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York, a dairy farmer, and has served on numerous regional and local committees. He was a member of the Executive Board of the Maine Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) for 8 years, serving as President for two years. Subsequently, he was a member of the MACD Advisory Council and served as Councilman to the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), traveling extensively throughout the U.S. representing Maine. Mark also was active with the Farm Service Agency County Committee for 21 years, serving as Chairman for 10 years. Currently, Mark is the State Nutrient Management Program Coordinator for the Maine Department of Agriculture. 

    Sharon G. Chadwick (Vice-Chair) lives with her husband, Gerald, and daughter Shelby at BenEva Farm in Warren, which was started more than 65 years ago by her grandparents, Ben and Eva Barbour. Sharon and Jerry “came home” to run the farm with Sharon’s grandparents in 1988 and still operate as a conservation farm, raising commercial Black Angus beef for the freezer and feedlots, and selling hay. They expanded nutrient and pasture management practices with a manure storage facility, a heavy use pad area, and, recently, a livestock barn. In addition, Sharon works in laboratory research at Lonza BioScience in Rockland and Jerry works for the Nobleboro Sanitation Department. Sharon looks forward each year to judging the Annual Poster Contest and helping out at the Conservation Fair and Plant Sale.

    Jeff Tarbox (Treasurer) is the seventh generation to live on the Tarbox family property on Westport Island, Covelly Farm. The Farm today is primarily managed forest land, in tree growth, and Jeff has taken over active management from his father.  Jeff also leases 20 acres of fields to a MOFGA-certified mixed vegetable organic operation, Tarbox Farm, and supports their expansion of farming acreage and the implementation of NRCS-supported high tunnels and irrigation, as well as the soon to be opened Sasanoa Brewing Company.  Jeff brings to the board his decades of experience working in project management, finance and consulting for General Dynamics, Computer Sciences, and     Deloitte Consulting.

    Diane Schivera (Supervisor)
    has worked as MOFGA’s livestock specialist since 1998. The position brings information to all farmers and homesteaders interested in primarily organic practices. In collaboration with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, NRCS, and farmers, she was instrumental in starting Maine Grass Farmers Network, which works to educate farmers on pasture improvement and hay management to make the fields and farms more resilient. Diane also has a small farm/homestead in Appleton that includes various livestock, vegetable and pasture fields, an orchard and wood lot - all of which aim for sustainable practices.

    Associate Supervisors 

    Barrie Brusila - Mid-Maine Forestry, Warren 
    Anna Fiedler - Midcoast Conservancy, Wiscasset      
    David Hayden - Angus Acres, Whitefield

    Honorary Lifetime Member of the Board

    Robert W. Spear received Knox-Lincoln’s Honorary Lifetime Membership Award in 2005. Bob served as an Associate Supervisor of Knox-Lincoln SWCD for 8 years and a Supervisor for 20 years, and was Maine’s Commissioner of Agriculture from 1999-2005. His expertise and dedication are greatly appreciated by all who share his values of agriculture and conservation. Bob is generous with his time and talents, representing Maine across the US to ensure continuing accomplishments in resource conservation. Bob and his wife, Janet, reside in Nobleboro where they operate Spear’s Vegetable Farm with their sons and grandchildren.

    Barry J. Tibbetts - Whitefield


    Thank you to these dedicated volunteers who make it possible for the District to fulfill its mission!