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Fall 2017 Office Hours
8:30am - 4:30 pm (usually)

* We try hard to be office between 8:30am and 4:00pm on most weekdays, but please call ahead to be sure!

893 West St (Rt 90)
Rockport, ME 04856


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    Fall Bulb & Plant Sale

    Date Change: Saturday, Oct 21 from 10am-1pm

    District Office, 893 West St (Rt 90), Rockport

    FMI: 596-2040 or hildy@knox-lincoln.org

    10/4 - We will have available for sale the following:

    Trees and Shrubs

    • Nyssa sylvatica - black gum.  Z3.  Grows well in average or med-wet soils; tolerates flooding as well as some drought. Full sun to pt-shade. Relatively small, narrow tree. Fantastic fall color! 2-3’ (30-50’)  ME
    • Acer rubrum – red maple. Z3. Relatively fast growing. Attractive, red flow ers, fruit, twigs, fall leaves; first tree to color in fall. Easy to est- ablish; adaptable to occasional flooding/wet soils. 2-3’ (50-70’)  ME
    • Aronia melanocarpa – black chokeberry. Z3. Showy, white flowers in   spring; purple fruits in summer for birds and juice; bright red fall color. Full sun-pt shade; tolerates boggy & dry soils. Will naturalize; good for hedge/rain garden. 2-3’ (4-6’)   ME
    • Rubus odoratus - purple flowering raspberry
    • Symphoricarpos orbiculatus – coralberry. Z2. Dense, fine-textured shrub. Stems covered w/small white flowers in summer followed by showy clusters of ½” purplish, coral-red berries in fall/winter; may be cut for indoor use. Informal hedge, woodland garden, erosion control on slopes. Dry or moist soil; pt sun-shade. 2-3’ (3-4’)
    • Celastrus scandens – American bittersweet (male or female; unknown)  Z3/4. NOT INVASIVE. Twining, deciduous vine with flowers & fruit at tips of branches (flowers & fruit of invasive Oriental bittersweet are in leaf axils). Distinctive, showy orange capsules w/ crimson arils in drooping clusters. Well-drained soil in sun-pt shade. M & F needed for fruit. 12-24” (to 20’)
    • Celastrus scandens 'Autumn Revolution' - self-fertile American bittersweet. This bittersweet cultivar has perfect flowers – male and female – and is self-fertile. Only 1 plant needed for fruit!  2-yr-old vine (25’)


    • Dryopteris marginalis - marginal wood fern. Leathery, evergreen fern. Grows in symmetrical clump. Easily grown in moist shady areas. Lovely as specimen or clump.  24”   ME
    • Polystichum acrostichoides - Christmas fern. The pinnae (leaflets) of Christmas fern are distinctive - they have a lobe that has the appearance of a toe of a christmas stocking. The fiddleheads are also distinctive, with silvery, white scales. Low growing in moist areas – good on rocky bank. 12”   ME
    • Adiantum pedatum - maidenhair fern. Delicate woodland fern with fan-shaped blades and leaflets; rich, moist woodland soilspreads slowly by creeping, branching rhizomes to form large colonies over time. 12-24”  ME


    • Fragaria virginiana - common strawberry. Z3/4. Easily grown in fertile, moist to dry-mesic, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Prefers organically rich, sandy loams. Cool-season perennial that grows best in spring and fall.


    Check back for more!