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    Conservation Practices for Homeowners


    The following fact sheets provide information on many practices that can reduce erosion and/or protect water quality. Unless otherwise noted, factsheets are part of the Conservation Practices for Homeowners Factsheet Series developed by the Maine DEP, the Portland Water District, and Cumberland County SWCD.

    Erosion Control Around the HomeBefore and After: Infiltration steps, pervious pathways, buffer plantings and mulch protect water quality.

    Construction BMPs
    Dripline Trench
    Dry Wells
    Erosion Control Mix
    Infiltration Steps
    Infiltration Steps Retrofitted
    Infiltration Trench
    Rain Barrels
    Rain Garden

    Erosion Control - Lakeshore

    Lake Shoreline Riprap

    Erosion Control - Vegetated Buffers

    Buffer Handbook
            (Andy Valley
    SWCD & Lake & Watershed Mgt Assoc.)
    Buffer Plant list
            (Lake & Watershed Mgt Assoc.)

    Planting and Maintaining Buffers

    Live Staking

    For more information on plants: Landscapes and Gardens for Maine

    Before and After: Rubber razors with with stone and/or Erosion Control Mix divert water and prevent path eros

    Erosion Control - Paths and Roads 

    (Kennebec County SWCD & Maine DEP)

    Paths and Walkways
    Pervious Walkways
    Open Top Culverts
    Rubber Razors
    Gravel Road Manual
    How to Form a Road Association

    (York County SWCD with Kennebec, Andy Valley, and Cumberland SWCDs)


    Vegetable Gardens on Disposal (Leach) Fields
    (Maine Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry)

    Homeowner Guidelines for Pet Burial
    (Maine Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry)