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    Plant Sale Online Catalog

    Apple, Crabapple, Cherry, Peach, Asian Pear, Pear & Plum Trees


    Fruit Trees - All prices include sales tax

    • All fruit trees are 2 yr old, bareroot stock, 5'-6' tall.
    • Planting and early care of fruit trees: UME Extension; Adams County Nursery
      • Proper planting depth is important! Too shallow is easier to fix than too deep.
      • Apple and pear trees are typically planted with the graft union 3-4” above soil line.
      • Peaches, cherries, and plums may be planted with graft union just at soil line.
      • Always allow for settling.

    Apples (Malus spp) - All apple varieties are $26.00

    • 2 varieties required for pollination
    • All listed varieties will likely cross-pollinate (unless otherwise indicated)

    Semi-dwarf varieties

    • Unless otherwise noted, all apples are on EM-7 semi-dwarfing rootstock, which is well-anchored and hardy
    • Trees will be open and spreading, similar to a peach, 12-15' ht

    Albemarle Pippin Z4. Late season antique apple; favorite of Thomas Jefferson and Queen Victoria! Greenish-yellow skin/white flesh; firm, juicy, & crisp. Somewhat resistant to fireblight; excellent keeper - sugars increase in storage! Good  cider apple, too. Late season bloom.   $26.00 

    Enterprise Z4. Late season apple bred for resistance to apple scab, cedar-apple rust and fire blight. Medium-large, glossy red fruit; bears annually. Mildly tart & spicy, firm & crisp. Stores 3-6 months in fridge & sweetens with storage. Use fresh and in cooking/pies. Late season bloom.  $26.00  New!


    Honeycrisp  Z4. Mid-season. Large, explosively crisp, sweet-tart, and juicy; best for fresh eating but also good for baking, pie. Productive; good keeper; good pollinizer. Moderate scab resistance.  $26.00

    Hyslop Z4.  Early-mid season ripening, large-size crabapple with red-purple skin. Zingy fruit is one of the best for jelly, spiced or pickled; adds color and zest to applesauce. Juicy when fresh, but not a keeper. Possibly originated in Boston, MA in 1800s. White flowers; good pollinizer for early to mid-season varieties.  $26.00  New!

    Summer Rambo
    Z4. Early season apple prized for sauce (try mixing with peaches!) and pie when picked green; firm, exceptionally juicy & aromatic for fresh eating when ripe; reportedly good for drying. Like most early apples, keeps for only a few weeks. Bears young, annually; moderately disease resistant. Originated in France in 1500s. Cannot be used as pollinator. $26.00   New!


    Wealthy  Z4. Mid-season. Excellent dessert, cooking, baking, drying & cider apple that has been around since 1860. First apple to survive a Minnesota winter! Crisp & juicy white flesh with complex fruity flavor. Scab resistant; cedar-apple rust susceptible. $26.00     


    Wickson  Z4.  Mid-season bloom; late season harvest. This small, round fruit is red and juicy. Touted to have exceptional sweet, tangy, spicy flavor as a dessert apple for fresh eating; high pectin for jams & jellies; excellent for juice or cider.  Heavy fruit set annually on young trees; keeps till January. $26.00  New!


    Yarlington Mill Z4. Late season. Vintage, high quality English apple for single variety fermented cider. Found growing in a stone wall at a water mill in Yarlington, Somerset, England in 1898. Vigorous & heavy cropping. Sweet to bittersweet with good aroma. $26.00   

    Dwarf Varieties

    • Mature size of the following varieties is 8-10'.
    • Provide support for central leader during establishment
    • Dwarf trees are great for espalier!
    Autumn Crisp Z4. Developed by Cornell, this mid-season apple has good sized, sweet-tart, red fruit with non-browning flesh, which makes it great for salads. Very high in vitamin C! Best for fresh eating, salad, baking & sauce. Juicy, crisp fruit on productive, healthy tree.  $26.00  New!


    Cherries, pie (Prunus cerasus) - All cherry varieties are $30.00 (larger size trees than usual!)

    • Self-pollinating; only one variety needed
    • Mature height: 12-15'

    Meteor  Z4. Large, tart, juicy, completely freestone fruits. Ripens in summer for pie, jam, jelly. Vigorous, moderately spreading, hardy tree bears annually. Resistant to leaf spot.  $30.00 


    Sweet Cherry Pie  Z4. New variety from Wisconsin breeder, Bill Eubank. Sweet tasting pie cherry - almost sweet enough to eat fresh. Great for pie, jam & jelly. Hardy, heavy cropping tree blooms early and fruits in midsummer.  $30.00   


    Peaches (Prunus persica) - All peach varieties are $26.00

    • Self-pollinating; only one variety needed
    • Does not tolerate wet feet; well-drained soil only!
    • Mature height: 12-15'
    • Growing Peaches in Maine

    Contender  Z4.  Late season. A high-quality freestone variety. Fruit is very firm, large and sweet with excellent color. Trees are hardy and productive; good for areas with late spring frosts. $26.00


    Redhaven  Z4. My favorite! Early, sweet, very juicy, semi-clingstone fruit with red skin and excellent flavor. Early to bear and very productive. Use fresh, for jams, chutney, pies, canning, freezing    $26.00


    Reliance  Z4(3?). Ripens around same time as Red Haven. Possibly the hardiest peach! Medium size, free-stone fruit/red blush; bright yellow, juicy flesh. Often has large crops; bears at early age. Good fresh, canning, & freezing.  $26.00

    Pears, Asian (Pyrus pyrifolia) - All Asian pear varieties are $28.00

    • 2 varieties required for pollination. Bartlett is an excellent pollinator for Asian pears.
    • Fruits are not generally baked in pies or made into jams because they have a high water content and a crisp, grainy texture. Excellent in salads! Fruits are generally large and fragrant.
    • Mature height: 14-16' ht.

    Hosui  Z5.  This Asian variety is solid russet with pronounced lenticels. Ripening in late summer, fruit is mildly flavored, sweet and juicy. Thin for maximum fruit size. (Self-pollinating, but better fruit set with pollinator.) $28.00


    Shinsui  Z5. High quality, medium sized, fruit with orange/yellow skin ripens before Hosui. Crisp, juicy, aromatic & sweet. Keeps for about 4 weeks, if refrigerated.  $28.00


    Pears, European (Pyrus communis) - All European pear varieties are $23.00
    (somewhat smaller size than other fruit trees this year)

    • 2 varieties required for pollination. Listed varieties will cross-pollinate.
    • Unless otherwise noted, pears are on OHxF87 semi-dwarfing root stock, which produces a tree about 14-16' ht. Rootstock is hardy, productive, and resistant to fireblight and pear decline

    Bartlett Z4. Early-mid season. Large fruit, heavy-bearing; excellent fresh or canned. Partially self-fruitful but larger crops if cross-pollinated. Best pollinizer for all other pears including Asian pears. 14-16'  $23.00


    Magness Z4. Late mid-season. Excellent quality medium-size, greenish brown fruit is soft & buttery; sweet, juicy & grit-free. Bears fruit young; good storage. Vigorous tree on standard rootstock. Not a good pollinizer! 16-18'  $23.00 New!


    Red Clapp's Z4. Early season. Red-skinned dessert pear with perfect pear flavor. Medium to large fruit is best for fresh eating. Highly productive, long-lived, annual bearing. 14-16'  $23.00    Back!

    Plums (Prunus spp.) - All plum varieties are $28.00

    • Pollination needs depend on variety
    • Plant 2+ trees in a tight cluster with branches intermingled for best pollination.

    Methley  Z5. Self-fertile. Early Japanese plum. Fine quality, purple/red skin with sweet, red, flesh; very juicy with distinctive flavor. Large annual crop; fragrant blossoms in spring. Resistant to fungal disease. 12-15’  $28.00

    Waneta  Z3. Needs pollinator; American plum (see TREES) is considered the best pollinator for hybrid plum. Midsummer hybrid plum; a favorite since 1913! Red skin; juicy, yellow flesh; delicious. Healthy tree blooms and fruits early. Beautiful in the landscape, too! 12-15'   $28.00