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 K-6 Poster Contest


  2011 Winning Poster, Grades 4-6  The annual National Conservation Poster Contest provides K - 6 students with an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water, and related natural resource issues through art. Poster theme follows the annual stewardship theme of National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD). The contest highlights the educational outreach efforts of conservation districts and their state conservation associations.

The contest is co-sponsored by the NACD and the NACD Auxiliary.


Scroll down for information about this year's theme and how to register your class.

2017 Poster Contest theme: Healthy Soils Are Full of Life

We are currently scheduling learning sessions for K-6classrooms in Knox and Lincoln counties on Mon, Tue or Wed during Dec 2016 and Jan 2017.


2016 Theme: We All Need Trees


Congratulations to the 2015 Poster Contest Wnners!

Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is pleased to announce – and congratulate – the winners of the annual conservation poster contest. Rebecca Jacobs, KLSWCD education coordinator, presented a lesson on this year’s theme, Local Heroes: Hardworking Pollinators, to K-6th grade students in 10 schools throughout Knox and Lincoln counties.

The following three local winners each received a $25 gift certificate to the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Plant Sale on May 2 & 3 and also won the State competition in their categories!

Their posters are on display at The First in Rockland for the month of April.

              K-1 Winner                                            Grade 2-3 Winner                                  Grade 4-6 Winner
                Henry Ackor                                            Jordynn Pierce                                         Lilly Curtis
                 Gilford Butler                                           South School                                     Hope Elementary

The judges also selected a winning poster from each classroom that submitted entries:

Appleton Village: Rowan Stewart (1st), Lydia Gurney (2nd)
Gilford Butler:
Maddox Lowell (K), Jame Mercer (2nd), Walker Hedrich (2nd)
Great Salt Bay: Vivian Burns (2nd)
Hope Elementary: Maddy Tohanczyn (2nd), Sierra Laukka (3rd), Alma Bournival (5th)
Lura Libby: Jason LeClerc (4th), Ella Russomano (4th)
Prescott Memorial: Kalina Chazin-Knox (6th)
South School: Michael Robinson (3rd), Savannah Petter (3rd), Kelsey Guinn (4th)
Union Elementary: Abigail Lima (K), Jack Martin (2nd), Braelyn Hood (3rd), Aleah Sebrey (4th), Chloe Fillion (6th), Lily Cook (6th) 

Here are the winning posters:

Honorable mentions were awarded to:
Aaliyah TenBroeck, Abby Grant, Abby Young, Abigail Butler, Addison Lea, Addison Lincoln, Addison McCormick, Aiden Abbotoni, Aliza Gamage, Anna Jordan, Arthur Andrews, Ashleigh Cronin, Asia Libby, Autumn Dinsmore, Bailey Breen, Bella Stasulis, Brianna Elwell, Chloe Root, Claudia Feeley, Colby Bennett, Eli Melanson, Emily Oakes, Emma Ulrich, Faith Kirkham, Finnegan Calderwood, Hannah Marsden, Harper Lilly, Hope Mason, Isabella Anderson, Isabelle Tyler, Josh Blake, Kailin Fuller, Kara Kinney, Kara Pease, Keagan Dodge, Keel Cooper, Kylian Babik, Leona Dec, Logan Cook, Lydia Ostrander, Maggie Gregory, Mariana Janik, Mary Hastings, Maysie Lowe, Mia Flagg, Mila Bonometti, Molly Blemaster, Morgan Lowe, Natalie Hall, Natashia Waters, Nolan McLennan, Olivia Pelkey, Rose Tohanczyn, Ryan Lea, Samantha Dunkle, Sarah Williams, Skylar Hills, Sophia Ryan, Tanner Peaslee, Victoria Edwards, Zoe Curtis, Zoe Davis

We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm, knowledge, and support of this year’s judges (l to r): Holly Edwards, beekeeper; Liz Stanley, Knox-Lincoln Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator; Sharon Chadwick, KLSWCD Supervisor; and Jean Vose, Knox-Lincoln County Beekeepers. They evaluated 550 posters on content, visual effectiveness, originality, and universal appeal to select the winning entries.




Liam Callanan, Appleton Village School & Elizabeth Flanagan, Friendship Village School with winning posters

Congratulations to national winners of 2013 poster contest, "Where does your water shed?"

Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is pleased to congratulate two Knox County students who were recognized as national winners in the 2013 National Conservation Poster Contest, “Where Does Your Water Shed?” Liam Callanan, Appleton Village School (left), and Elizabeth Flanagan, Friendship Village School (right), each received a certificate from the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) for winning an honorable mention in the Grades K-1 and Grades 5-6 divisions, respectively.

For more information about the poster contest and how to get your students involved, call Rebecca Jacobs at 596-2040 or email