K-6 Poster Contest


  2011 Winning Poster, Grades 4-6  The annual National Conservation Poster Contest provides K - 6 students with an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water, and related natural resource issues through art. Poster theme follows the annual stewardship theme of National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD). The contest highlights the educational outreach efforts of conservation districts and their state conservation associations.
The contest is co-sponsored by the NACD and the NACD Auxiliary.

If you would like more information about the poster contest and how to get your students involved in 2015, call Rebecca Jacobs at 596-2040 or email rebecca@knox-lincoln.org.



Congratulations to the 2014 Poster Contest Wnners!

Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is pleased to announce – and congratulate – the winners of the annual conservation poster contest. Rebecca Jacobs, KLSWCD education coordinator, presented a lesson on this year’s theme, Dig Deeper: Mysteries in the Soil, to more than 650 K-6th grade students in 10 schools throughout Knox and Lincoln counties.

We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm, knowledge, and support of this year’s judges (l to r): Barry Tibbetts, KLSWCD Associate Supervisor; Sharon Chadwick, KLSWCD Supervisor; Mary Thompson, USDA-NRCS; Mary Thompson, USDA-NRCS; and David Marceau from Gartley and Dorsky Engineering. They evaluated 550 posters on content, visual effectiveness, originality, and universal appeal to select the winning entries.

Scroll down to see a slideshow of all winning posters.


The following three winners each received a $40 gift certificate to the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Plant Sale on May 3 & 4 and will go on to be judged at the state level:

The judges also selected a winning poster from each classroom that submitted entries:

Appleton Village: Oona Stewart (2nd), Lucas Wyman (3rd)
Bristol Consolidated:
Celia Brinkler (2nd)
Gilford Butler Elementary:
Estelle Chase (K), Bailey Breen (1st), Lyla Brooks (1st), Mariah Watkinson (2nd)
Great Salt Bay:
Mica Houghton (2nd)
Hope Elementary:
Leona Bournival (K), Rose Tohanczyn (1st), Dominic Robert (2nd), Lilly Curtis (3rd), Elijah Stone (4th), Kaitlin Heintzman (5th)
Lura Libby Elementary:
Leia Schultz (K), Lyla Schultz (K), Audrey Colby (1st), Camila Perez (1st), Hunter Shook (2nd), Justin Groth (2nd), Jason LeClerc (3rd), Conrad Burke (4th), Catriona Burnett (4th)
South School:
Asia Libby (3rd), Logan Brazier (3rd), Cassidy Novicka (3rd), Cadence Lamkins (4th)
Union Elementary
: Karis Burns (K), Mia Flagg  (1st), Finian Kelly (2nd), Aleah Serbey (3rd), Grace Weston (4th), Lily Cook (5th), Kyle Weinand (5th), Kara Pease (6th)

Honorable mentions were awarded to:

Cameron Jensen, Roisin Hookins, Gavin Clark, Jacob Billings, Michael Simmons, Korinn Wellman, Michael Frost, Jasmine Vosburgh, Madison Pascal, Fay Groth, Elizabeth Barstow, Opal Butler, Leah Jones, Grace Wesbrock, Zola Roberts, Sophia Ryan, Alma Bournival, Maddox McMahan, Natalie Tolman, Colby Bennett, Victoria Edwards


For more information about the poster contest and how to get your students involved, call Rebecca Jacobs at 596-2040 or email rebecca@knox-lincoln.org.