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Wed: 9:00am - 2:30pm

* We try hard to be in the office between 8:30am and 4:30pm on Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri, but please call ahead to be sure!

893 West St (Rt 90)
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    Plants Unlimited

    Flatbread Co.

    Fireside Pottery

    Fresh Off The Farm

    Green Thumb

    Hatchet Cove Farm

    Midcoast Conservancy

    Mid-Maine Forestry

    Mystic Woodworks

    Savage Oakes Vineyard

    Schoolhouse Farm

    Spear Farm (Nobleboro)

    State of Maine Cheese

    Union Fair Society

    Warren True Value

    Landscapes and Gardens for Maine

    Backyard Conservation

    Yardscaping for a Healthy Maine (new booklet)
         Maine YardScaping Partnership factsheets and more: http://www.yardscaping.org/

    Backyard Conservation: Bringing conservation from the countryside to your backyard

    Gardening to Conserve Maine's Native Landscapes: Plants to Use, Plants to Avoid (UMaine Ext Bulletin #2500)

    Chart: Cultural Conditions and Landscape Uses for Selected Native Plants (KL-SWCD)

    Native Plants for Butterflies (Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve)

    Native Plants for Birds (Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve)

    Native Plants for Maine: Wild Seed Project

    Conservation Practices for Homeowners Series (Maine DEP, Portland Water District, Cumberland County SWCD)

    Native Plants for full sun/wet
    Native Plants for full sun/dry
    Native Plants for part sun/wet
    Native Plants for part sun/dry
    Native Plants for shade/wet
    Native Plants for shade/dry

    Buffer Plantings

    Landscaping at the Water's Edge - NEW Handbook from UNH! (2014)

    Buffer Handbook (1998)

    Buffer Plant List (comprehensive guide including cultural requirements; Androscoggin Valley SWCD) 

    Planting and Maintaining Buffers 

    Native Trees and Shrubs for Maine Landscapes

          UMaine Cooperative Extension: https://extension.umaine.edu/publications/

    Alder, speckled   (Alnus incana ssp. rugosa)
    Bayberry, northern   (Myrica pensylvanica)
    Birch, gray  (Betula populifolia)
    Birch, sweet  (Betula lenta)
    Birch, yellow birch  (Betula alleghaniensis)
    Cherry, black  (Prunus serotina)
    Chokecherry, common  (Prunus virginiana)
    Dogwood, pagoda  (Cornus alternifolia)
    Elder, American  (Sambucus canadensis)
    Elder, scarlet  (Sambucus racemosa var. pubens)
    Holly, mountain  (Ilex mucronata)
    Holly, winterberry  (Ilex verticillata)
    Hophornbeam, American  (Ostrya virginiana)
    Hornbeam, American  (Carpinus caroliniana)
    Moosewood  (Acer pensylvanicum)
    Mountainash, showy  (Sorbus decora)
    Rhododendron, rosebay  (Rhododendron maximum)
    Serviceberry, Allegheny  (Amelanchier laevis)
    Serviceberry, shadblow  (Amelanchier canadensis)
    Sumac, smooth  (Rhus glabra)
    Sumac, staghorn  (Rhus typhina)
    Viburnum, nannyberry  (Viburnum lentago)
    Witchhazel, common  (Hamamelis virginiana)


    Yardscaping Home Page   www.maine.gov/dacf/php/pesticides/yardscaping/

    Yardscaping Lawn Fact Sheets  cumberlandswcd.org/site/yardscape


    Meadow Establishment, Wildflowers for NE Meadows, Wildflower Calendar (UNH)

    Guide to Wildflower Seedlings   http://extension.unh.edu/Wildflower-Guide-Page1  (UNH)

    Plant Care Fact Sheets (PDF)

    Selecting, Planting, and Caring for Trees and Shrubs in the Maine Landscape (UMaine Ext Bull #2366)

    Pruning Woody Landscape Plants (UMaine Ext Bulletin)

    Growing Asparagus (UMaine Ext Bulletin)

    Growing Raspberries and Blackberries (UMaine Ext Bulletin)

    Growing Strawberries (UMaine Ext Bulletin)

    Growing Highbush Blueberries (UMaine Ext Bulletin)

    Growing Peaches in Maine  (UMaine Ext Bulletin) 

    Planting and Early Care of Fruit Trees (UMaine Ext Bulletin)

    Planting and First Pruning of Fruit Trees (Adams County Nursery)

    Top Wire Cordon Grape Trellis System (AA Vineyards)

    Pollinator Fact Sheets

    Pollinator Syndromes

    Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators: Enhancing Their Habitat in Maine (UMaine Ext Bull 7153)

    Build a Native Bee Nest Block (KL-SWCD)

    Create Wildlife Habitat Fact Sheets

    Build a Native Bee Nest Block (KL-SWCD)

    Build a Brush Pile


    Composting 101

    Make a Bokashi Composting Bucket

    Build a Compost Bin (Cornell Extension Bulletin)

    Soil Fact Sheets

    Testing your soil (UMaine Ext Bull #2286e) (Soil test kits available at District office)

    Interpreting your test results - lawn & garden  (Maine Soil Testing Service)

    Invasive Plants to Avoid

    Go to Invasive Plants

    Insect Pests

    Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD): A new pest of soft fruits (KL-SWCD)

    SWD: 2013 Bait & Trapping Guide (PDF)   http://www.uvm.edu/vtvegandberry/SWDInfo.html



    UMaine Cooperative Extension publications   http://umaine.edu/gardening/publications/

    New England Wildflower Society - Go Botany    http://gobotany.newenglandwild.org/

    Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center    http://www.wildflower.org/plants/

    Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder    http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/gardens-gardening/your-garden/plant-finder.aspx

    USDA Plants Database    http://plants.usda.gov

    Yardscaping for a Healthy Maine   http://www.yardscaping.org/

    Recommended Books

    Blouin, Glen. 2004. Weeds of the woods. Nimbus Publishing.

    Burrell, Colston. 2006. Native alternatives to invasive plants. Handbook #45. Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

    Cullina, William. Various. Wildflowers; Native trees, shrubs, and vines; Native ferns, moss, & grasses. Houghton-Mifflin.

    Hightshoe, Gary. 1987. Native trees, shrubs, and vines for rural and urban America. Wiley.

    Leopold, Donald. 2005. Native plants of the northeast. Timber Press.

    Mader, Eric et al. 2011. Attracting native pollinators. Xerces Society. Storey Publishing.

    Mizejewski, David. 2004. Attracting birds, butterflies & other backyard wildlife. National Wildlife Federation.

    Tallamy, Douglas. 2007. Bringing nature home. Timber Press.