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    2018 Plant Sale Online Catalog

    Plant Sale - May 5 & 6 at Union Fairgrounds 
    Pre-order Deadline: April 25 - Order early for best selection!

    Jan 23: Order online NOW or view online and download a paper order form!  

       Downloadable catalog coming soon...(Hildy has a concussion)


    - Scroll down, click on pictures for plant descriptions/images, then:

    - Order and pay online or...

    - Download order form and send in with check:  2018 Plant Sale Order Form

    - Return to Plant Sale Home Page

    The Plants 

    This is our biggest and bestest selection of plants to date, with 36 new offerings! The selection includes 167 varieties: 59 Fruit trees & Berries; 65 Trees & Shrubs; 43 Perennials & Herbs.

    We strive to provide the community with high quality, bareroot plants at a reasonable price. The trees, shrubs & perennials are mostly native and always non-invasive*. We are proud that our selections are excellent for conservation and ornamental plantings, AND great choices for pollinators, beneficial insects, and wildlife.

    *Invasive plants are defined as non-native plants that cause economic or environmental harm to natural or minimally managed landscapes, or are harmful to human health. The vast majority of non-native plants are NOT invasive, but there are a few that cause problems by out-competing native plants for space, nutrients, and pollinators, resulting in cascading effects throughout the ecosystem.

    As of Dec 31, 2017, Maine has prohibited the sale, propagation, and importation of 33 plants considered invasive or potentially invasive. A copy of this list is available at http://www.maine.gov/dacf/php/horticulture/invasiveplants.shtml#List. For more information about terrestrial plants considered invasive in Maine, visit www.knox-lincoln.org/invasive-plants.

    What is a "bareroot plant"?

    Most of the plants we offer are "bareroot, " meaning that the plants are not in a pot and the roots are not in soil. These plants have been dug when they are dormant - either in the fall for winter storage in a climate-contolled facility - or in the spring, just before the sale.

    We receive these dormant plants = most often packed in wet, shredded newspaper - label them, and store them with roots covered in wet sawdust. Pre-ordered plants are packed on the Friday before the sale - roots wrapped with wet sawdust and plastic - ready for you to pick-up on the weekend.

    Bareroot plants need a little more attention than potted plants, but they are a lot less expensive to buy and ship. Plant your bareroot plants as soon as possilbe, keep well-watered especially this first season and into the fall, and read this Care and Maintenance Guide.