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    Plant Sale Online Catalog - Asparagus, Horseradish & Rhubarb


    Miscellaneous Edibles - all prices include sales tax


    • Open bundles of roots and store in cool, dry place until planting.
    • Plant in non-acidic, rich soil enriched with compost or rotted manure. Place roots in 8” rench, cover w/ 2” soil. Fill in trench as shoots grow. Keep weeded and mulch w/manure in fall.
    • Harvest for 2 wks 2nd season, 4 wks 3rd season. Always leave some shoots! Asparagus beds may last for 25 years.
    • Planting and Care of Asparagus

    Jersey Knight  Z3. Selected for bigger, more succulent male plants; up to ¾” diameter. Vigorous, productive, disease resistant. Deep, enriched, well-drained soil in full sun. Plant 12-16" apart.  Bundle of 25 for $16.00

    Mary Washington   Z3. Heirloom variety popular for more than a century. Early with full flavor & excellent freezing. Rust resistant. Male & female plants; open pollinated and self seeding! Bundle of 25 for $16.00

    Purple Passion  Z3. Tender, mild, deep burgundy spears often eaten raw (turns green when cooked); up to ¾” diameter. Deep, enriched, well-drained soil in full sun. Plant 6-8"apart.  Bundle of 25 for $16.00

    Horseradish (Amoraceae rusticana)

    • Best in full sun-pt shade in any soil that isn't waterlogged 
    • Loosen soil to 12"; enrich with compost
    • Plant in permanent location with tap root 2" below soil surface
    • Harvest fresh roots in fall of 2nd season; keep main root and replant enough side roots to maintain planting.

    Big Top  Z3. Vigorous perennial selected for size, adaptability, disease resistance, and excellent flavor. Horseradish multiplies!   1-year-old root for $5.00




    Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum)

    • Best in full sun (pt shade). Fertile, well-drained soil high in organic matter (manure works well!).
    • Harvest full crop in 2nd season.


    Canada Red Z4. Bright red stems that are sweeter than some and retain color when cooked. 1-year-old root for $9.00


    Rebel Hill  Z4. Hardy, organic rhubarb in 1 gallon pots. 1-gallon pot for $8.00