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    Plant Sale Online Catalog - Perennials & Herbs


    Native Perennials from Rebel Hill Farm
    All perennials and herbs are $8.00, including sales tax

    Many of the perennials are recommended for conservation plantings - such as controlling soil eroison on banks or shoreline buffers - because they have well-developed root systems and often spread by a network of underground stems (rhizomes). Keep in mind that plants that are 'recommended for difficult situations' may be quite assertive on moist, well-drained sites with rich soil!

    • Perennials are native to eastern and central US; Maine natives - ME
    • Perennials and herbs are field & organically grown in Maine by Rebel Hill Farm in Liberty, ME.
    • Plants are in 1 gallon or 6" pots
    • Descriptions use the following format:
      Common name  (Scientific name)  Hardiness zone / Mature height / Color / Season / Culture
    • *Denotes tolerance or resistance to deer browsing


    Asters and goldenrods are not only beautiful plants but also provide nectar for pollinators, habitat for beneficial insects, and seed for birds. In late summer and fall, monarch butterflies rely on nectar and pollen of asters and goldenrods for food during fall migration. 

    Aster, big-leaf (Eurybia grandifolia) Z3. 1-2'/pale blue/late summer/ shade; avg to dry soil. Great groundcover spreads by rhizomes on shady slopes with dry to avg soils. Larval host: Pearl Crescent Butterfly   ME  $8.00


    Aster, flat-topped (Doellingeria umbellata) Z3. 2-3’/white/ late summer/sun-pt shade; moist soil. One of first asters to bloom; large clusters of white flowers w/yellow disk. Larval host for Pearly Crescent, Harris Checkerspot. ME  $8.00


    Aster, heart-leaf (Symphyotrichum cordifolium) Z3. 2-4’/pale blue/ fall/sun- shade; most soils; Maine seed.  Dense fllower clusters; heart-shaped leaves. Flowers are bee and butterfly magnets in fall! Woodland edge, garden, naturalizing.  ME     $8.00



    Aster, New England (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) Z3. 4’ / pink or purple/ Sep / Shade-sun; avg-moist soil. Profuse clusters of showy flowers atop hairy stems. Spreads by rhizomes; great for meadow planting. Bees, butterflies, birds.  Larval host: Pearl Crescent  ME  $8.00



    Aster, smooth blue (Symphyotrichum laeve)  Z3. 2-3’/violet-blue/fall/sun;avg-dry soil. Large clusters of beautiful, blue flowers on bushy plants with bright green leaves. Good garden specimen or in mass for butterflies and native bees.  ME  


    Beardtongue, hairy* (Penstemon hirsutus) Z3/1-2'/lavender/e. sum/sun- shade/dry-moist. Shorter cousin of smooth beardtongue with hairy stems and narrow, lavender flowers. Very adaptable and easy to grow. Two-lipped, tubular flowers attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. $8.00   New!


    Beebalm, eastern (Monarda bradburiana)  Z4. 12-24”/maroon & white/May-June/sun-pt shade; dry-med soil. Fantastic, pale lavender, fragrant flowers heads w/purple bracts. Long bloom time; reblooms if cut back. Aromatic leaves for tea. Drought/deer tolerant. Attracts hummingbirds/ butterflies.  $8.00


    Beebalm 'Panorama Pink' (Monarda didyma) Z4. 2-4’/pink/summer/sun-pt sun; avg-moist soil. Fragrant, minty, bright green leaves used for tea; dense, round clusters of deep pink tubular flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies, native bees.  $8.00  New!


    Beebalm ‘Panorama Mix’ (M. 'Panorama') Z4. Beautiful mix of dark & light pink, purple and lavender.  $8.00


    Bergamot, wild (Monarda fistula) Z3. 3-4’/lavendar/late summer/sun-pt shade;avg-dry soil. Aromatic, grey-green leaves may be used for tea; loose clusters of tubular flowers. Great garden plant! Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, native bees.  ME  $8.00


    Bellflower, American (Campanulastrum americanum) Z4. 2-6’/blue/summer/sun-pt shade/moist, well-drained soil. Tall stems w/ open-faced 1” flowers in dense spikes. Self- sowing biennial. Effective in groups. $8.00



    Black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia fulgida) Z4. 2-3'/deep yellow/summer-fall/sun/moist. Long-blooming yellow/orange coneflowers with dark centers cover the bushy plants; deadhead for longer bloom. Great nectar plant, good cut flower. $8.00  New! 


    Blazing star, marsh (Liatris spicata) Z3/3’/pink-purple/summer/ sun-pt sun; avg-moist soil. Clumps of dense, feathery spikes of tiny flowers bloom from top down; grass-like leaves at base. Great cut and in combination with coneflower! Butterflies. $8.00    Back!


    Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) Z3. 5-10/white/spring/shade-pt shade; moist, well-drained soil. Among first native plants to flower in spring. Blossom time brief, but big, lobed leaves remain as excellent groundcover in woods - spreads slowly but surely.  ME   $8.00


    Bluestar* (Amsonia tabernaemontana) Z3/3-4’/pale blue/Jun/sun-pt sun; avg-moist soil. Multi-stemmed, shrub-like clumps with star-shaped flowers at tips. Narrow, bright green leaves turn yellow in fall. Deer resistant; attracts butterflies.  $8.00   Back!


    Cardinal flower* (Lobelia cardinalis) Z3. 2-3'/ red/ summer/full-pt sun; moist soil. Fabulous tall spikes of showy, red two-lipped flowers on long stems for hummingbirds and butterflies. For those moist areas – pond edge, stream side. Short-lived, but reseeds if there is bare soil. ME  $8.00

    Columbine, eastern*(Aquilegia cardinalis) Z3. 2’/ red & yellow/Jul /Sun to light shade; well-drained, slightly acid to neutral soil. Native to ledges, rich or rocky woods, cliffs. If foliage suffers, cut to ground - new leaves emerge & look good all season. Nectar for hummingbirds/butterflies; larval host of Columbine Dusky Wing.  ME  $8.00

    Coneflower, purple* (Echinacea purpurea) Z3/3'/rosy pink shades/summer/sun-pt shade; drought tolerant. Eveyone’s favorite! Showy blossoms long-lasting in garden or cut; remove petals and coppery “cones” are showy till fall. Hardy, easy, and self-sows. Nectar for pollinators, seed for goldfinches.  $8.00


    Coneflower ‘White Swan’* (Echinacea purpurea) Cultivar of purple cone-flower with ivory white petals.  $8.00



    Coreopsis, tall* (Coreopsis tripteris) Z3/3-6’/yellow/late summer-fall/pt sun-pt shade; moist-dry soil. Small clusters of flowers w/yellow rays/brown centers on long stems. Great cut flower. Try cutting back in early season for bushier plants. Attracts butterflies/native bees/beneficial insects.  $8.00  Back!

    Daisy, dog-tooth* (Helenium autumnale)  Z3/ 3-4’/ yellow/ fall /sun; avg-moist soil (no dry). Clusters of showy, yellow flowers w/notched rays, large yellow disks, winged stems. Robust plant for perennial border, moist sites, rain gardens. Blooms till frost.   Easy to grow. Attracts butterflies.  ME  $8.00


    Fern, sensitive (Onoclea sensibilis) Z4/2-3’/Shade-pt shade; moist to wet soil – no dry. “Sensitive” to drought and frost; brown, “beaded” spore-bearing fronds thru winter. Spreads by rhizomes; good for edge of pond, moist woods edge.  ME   $8.00


    Goatsbeard (Aruncus dioicus) Z4/3-5’/white/ear. summer/sun-shade;moist soil. Feathery plumes above pinnately-compound leaves. Large, ornamental presence; like Astilbe on steroids; great in mass or specimen. Butterflies.  ME $8.00


    Asters and goldenrods are not only beautiful plants but also provide nectar for pollinators, habitat for beneficial insects, and seed for birds. In late summer and fall, monarch butterflies rely on nectar and pollen of asters and goldenrods for food during fall migration.

    Goldenrods get a bad rap for causing allergies, but goldenrods are insect-pollinated - only 10% of goldenrod pollen is windborne. Ragweed, which blooms at the same time, is most often the culprit.


    Goldenrod, wreath (Solidago caesia)  Z4. 2-3'/yellow/lt summer-fall/sun-shade; dry to avg soil. Lovely, non-spreading, clumping plant for woods edge or shady garden border. Small florets all along arching, purplish stems. Delicate and airy.  ME   $8.00

    Sold out for 2019!


    Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia) Z3. 1-2’ / blue / summer / Sun-shade; dry-well-drained soil. Graceful, slender stalks bear nodding, bell-shaped flowers over basal foliage. Great for rock garden & hummingbirds. ME  $8.00


    Hyssop, anise (Agastache foeniculum) Z4-5. 3-5’/blue/late summer/full sun-pt shade; well-drained soil. Purple spikes on tall plants with anise-scented leaves for garnish or tea. Self-sows. Butterflies and bees love it; great in perennial border or herb garden!  $8.00

    Ironweed, New York*  (Vernonia  noveboracensis)  Z5. 4-6’/purple/lt sum-fall/sun; med-wet soil. Clusters of fluffy, purple flowers at tops of upright leafy stems; rust-colored seed heads. Rain garden, meadow, and back of border. Nectar for butterflies; seed for finches.  $8.00


    Jacob's ladder (Polemonium reptans) Z3. 12-18"/blue/spring/pt shade (sun);avg. soil. Mounds of trailing stems with clusters of blue flowers in moist soil. Self-sows readily in woodland gardens.  $8.00


    Joe-pye weed, spotted* (Eutrochium maculatum) Z3/3-6’/mauve/Aug/sun-pt shade; moist soil. Large, flat-topped flower heads on clumps of tall purple or purple-spotted stems with whorled leaves. Very showy and easy to grow! Accent, border, rain garden, pond edge. Butterflies, native bees.  ME  $8.00

    Joe-pye weed, sweet* (Eutrochium purpureum) Z3/3-6'/rosy-purple/Aug/pt sun-pt shade/moist-dry. Vanilla-scented dome-shaped blooms on tall green stems with whorled leaves. more shade & drought tolerant than spotted joe-pye weed  $8.00   New!


    Lobelia, great blue (Lobelia siphilitica)  Z4/2-3’/blue/lt summer/sun-shade; moist. Showy,  tubular, two-lipped flowers in dense racemes at top of bushy plant. Soil adaptable, but no dry. Good in border, rain or shade garden, pond  edge. Attracts bees, hummingbirds. ME     $8.00


    Merrybells (Uvularia sessilifolia) Z3/10"/pale yellow/spring/shade; moist, wet, avg/rhizomatous. Excellent early-blooming native shade plant for woodland garden or naturalized area. Flowers and leaves have graceful, nodding appearance. Spreads readily by rhizomes and can form a nice groundcover over time. Also called wild oats and bellwort. ME  $8.00



    Milkweeds are larval hosts of Monarch butterfly and provide pollen and nectar for many beneficial insects.

    Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa) Z4. 1-2'/orange/summer/sun/dry to moist well-drained; sandy soil/drought tolerant. Large, showy, flat-topped clusters of long-lasting, bright orange flowers at tips of stems. Can be tricky to overwinter, but will self-sow in well-drained, sandy or gravelly soils. $8.00 New! 

    Milkweed, common* (Asclepias syriaca) Z3. 2-3’/pink/summer/sun/ dry to med soil. Domed clusters of showy, highly fragrant flowers on sturdy stems. Ornamental pods for flower arrangements in fall. Plant  in low maintenance areas to provide nectar for many butterflies and food for increasingly endangered Monarch caterpillars!  ME  $8.00


    Milkweed, swamp* (Aslepias incarnata)Z3. 3-4’/pink/summer /sun-pt sun; wet-average soil; tolerates clay. Showy flowers on tall stems attract butterflies/hummingbirds. Great garden plant. Self-sows easily. Larval host for Monarch. (Every year I have caterpillars. They seem to prefer young stems, so cut back a few early in the summer for tender regrowth)  ME  $8.00


    Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana) Z3/3’/pink/Sep/sun-pt sun; mod. dry-wet soil.Native to meadows, prairies, riverbanks, damp thickets. Spikes of lt. pink, two-lipped flowers in fall. Compact and long-blooming for late interest and pollinators.  ME   $8.00



    Poppy, wood  (Stylophorum diphyllum) Z4. 12-16”/yellow/spring/pt shade-shade; rich, moist, acidic, well-drained soils; tolerates high pH. 1-2” poppy-like flowers atop leafy stalks; leaves wither in drought. Great with wild blue phlox.   $8.00


    Solomon's seal, false (Smilacina racemosa) Z3. 2-3'/white/spring/pt shade/avg-moist soil. Clump-forming perennial spreads by rhizomes; good groundcover in woodland garden/edge, shady border. Fragrant flowers in racemes at tips of stems;  ruby-red berries in late summer. Foliage similar to true Solomon's seal; turns yellow in fall.   ME   $8.00   New!

    Strawberry, wild* (Fragaria virginiana) Z4. 4-7"/white/spring/sun-pt shade/mod. dry-moist. Great ground cover in the border, edge plant or between stones on garden path; spreads by runners. Fragrant, delicious, red fruits if you can get them before the birds!   ME   $8.00

    Sunflower, false (Heliopsis helianthoides) Z3. 3-5’/golden yellow/summer/sun; avg-dry soil. No garden should be without this plant! Bright, showy, daisy-like flowers attract butterflies all summer; great cut. Tolerates drought and poor soil. Deadhead to extend bloom. ME   $8.00


    Vervain, blue (Verbena hastata) Z3/3-6’/blue violet/summer-fall/sun-pt sun; moist-wet soil. Upright, square stems with candelabra-like spikes (2-6”) of tiny flowers that open a few at a time over long bloom period. Good rain garden plant. Butterflies, native bees/ bumblebees; larval host for Common Buckeye. ME  $8.00


    Windflower, Canada (Anemone canadensis) Z3/18-24”/white/ spring/sun-pt shade; med-wet soil; spreads. Showy, 2” flowers above cut-leaf foliage. Excellent groundcover; naturalize in moist areas. Good cut. One of my favorites!  ME  $8.00


    All herbs (except lovage, chive, and codonopsis) are in the mint family with opposite, aromatic leaves, and 2-lipped blue or white flowers in spikes that attract bees, butterfies, & hummingbirds.

    Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) Z3. 12-20”/purple/lt spring/sun; avg soil. Bulb-forming member of onion family grown for scapes. Flowers used in salads. Repellent to insect pests; attracts bees.  $8.00


    Codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula) Important medicinal herb in traditional Chinese medicine with similar energies and tonifying properties as ginseng in the bellflower family.    $8.00


    Hyssop (Hyssopus officianalis) Z3. 16-24'/blue-violet/summer/sun; dry or well-drained soil. Another great member of the mint family with small flowers in spikes and pungent leaves. Used as an antiseptic, cough reliever, and expectorant.   $8.00


    Lavendar ‘Munstead’ (Lavandula var.) Z5. 18”/blue/early summer/sun; well-drained soil, no wet. Narrow, grey-green leaves on compact plants; dense spikes of fragrant flowers. Good  low 'hedge’ after flowering.  $8.00


    Lemon balm (Melissa officianalis) Z4-5/2-3’/white/summer/full-pt sun; prefers sandy soil. soft, slightly woolly, lemon-scented  leaves make great tea; medicinal. Winter protection in Z4.  $8.00



    Lovage (Levisticum officinale) Z5. 2-4’/yellow/lt spr/sun; rich, moist soil. Celery-flavored leaves used in salad, soup or tea; seeds used like fennel.  $8.00

    Oregano, true Greek (Origanum vulgare hirtum) Z5. 18-24”/ white/summer/full sun/drought tolerant. Gray-green leaves with “flavor so intense it numbs the tip of your tongue.”     $8.00

    Sage, common (Salvia officianalis) Z4. 16-24”/blue/early summer/full sun/well-drained soil; no wet/drought tolerant. Culinary sage (fresh or dried) with aromatic grey-green leaves.   $8.00



    Thyme, German (Thymus vulgaris) Z5. 12”/white/summer/sun/excellent drainage. Classic hardy “winter” thyme. Tiny, evergreen leaves on woody stems are a great flavoring, fresh or dried. Tea for sore throat or cough. Apply winter mulch in colder areas.   $8.00

    ) Z3/3’/pink-purple/summer/ sun-pt sun; avg-moist soil. Clumps of dense, feathery spikes of tiny flowers bloom from top down; grass-like leaves at base. Great cut and in combination with coneflower! Butterflies.