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    Plant Sale Online Catalog - Shrubs & Vines


    Shrubs - all prices include sales tax

    Many of the shrubs are recommended for conservation plantings, such as windbreaks, controlling soil eroison on banks, or shoreline buffers. They are suggested for those landscape situations because they have well-developed root systems and often spread by a network of underground stems (rhizomes). If you desire a single clump rather than a hedge, they can be kept in check by judicious pruning. Keep in mind that plants that are 'recommended for difficult situations' may be quite assertive on moist, well-drained sites with rich soil.

    Bayberry, northern (Myrica pensylvanica) Z3. Aromatic, shiny gray-green foliage; aromatic fruits for birds and candles. Avg to dry well-drained soil; tolerates wet, dry, salt, wind, deer. Good in mass, hedge, erosion control on bank.  12-18" (4-8’)  ME   $5.00   Sold Out!   


    Beach plum (Prunus maritima) Z3. Fast-growing, dense, rounded habit w/white flowers in May; edible, ½” dark purple fruits in Aug. Soil adaptable in well-drained sites; salt tolerant. Excellent for bank stabilization. Good wildlife plant. 12-18” (3-6’) ME  Bundle of 3 for $10 

    Bush honeysuckle, northern (Diervilla lonicera) Z3. Fragrant, yellow, bell-shaped flowers age to red. Bloom over long period in summer & provide nectar/pollen for bumblebees. Leaves burgundy in fall. Adapted to dry, sandy or rocky soils in full sun to shade. Suckering, thicket-forming. Prune in spring. 1-3' (2-3’)   ME  
    $9.00     Maine Grown 


    Buttonbush (Cephalanthis occidentalis) Z4. Unique, spherical, fragrant, white flower heads and bright green leaves cover plant in summer. Great bee plant. Prefers moist soils - often found growing on edge of streams and ponds; grows well in garden in full sun-pt shade. Good for hedge/erosion control on bank. 2-3' (4-6’)   ME  $9.00     Maine Grown

    Chokeberry, black (Aronia melanocarpa) Z3. Showy, white flowers in spring; purple fruits in summer for birds and juice; bright red fall color. Full-sun-pt shade; tolerates boggy & dry soils. Will naturalize; good for hedge/rain garden. 2-3' (4-6')  ME   $9.00     Maine Grown

    Chokeberry, red* (Aronia arbutifolia) Z4. Similar to black chokeberry but with red fruit and bright red fall color (like burning bush). Moist soils but not tolerant of boggy or very dry sites. 2-3’ (4-6’)    $9.00     Maine Grown

    Coralberry (Symphoricarpos orbiculatus) Z2. Dense shrub w/greenish-white flowers summer. Stems covered by showy clusters of ½” purplish, coral-red berries in fall & winter; may be cut for indoor use. Fine-textured shrub for informal hedge, woodland garden, erosion control on slopes. Dry or moist soil. Pt sun-shade 18-24" (3-4’)    $7.00


    Dogwood, gray (Cornus racemosa) Z4. Easily grown in avg, med, well-drained, moist to dry-ish soil in sun to pt shade. Will form a thicket unless root suckers removed. White flowers in spring; white fruit on red stems in fall. 2-3’ (7-9’)  ME    $9.00    Maine Grown

    Dogwood, red osier (Cornus sericea) Z3. White flower clusters in late spring attract butterflies (larval host for Spring Azure); white fruits for birds; purplish fall color; red twigs lovely in winter. Easy to grow in moist soils in full sun/pt shade. Suckering plant for buffer/stabilizing wet soils. Remove oldest stems annually to maintain red twigs. 2-3' (4-7')  $9.00   Maine Grown


    Dogwood, silky (Cornus amomum) Z 4. Open, rounded shrub; purplish stems; silky hairs on stems and underside of leaves. Flat-top clusters of tiny, white flowers in summer; blue fruits in Aug. Good for wildlife, hedge; moist shade. 2-3’ (5-8’)    ME  $9.00   Maine Grown

    Elderberry, black (Sambucus canadensis) Z3. White flowers in July; edible, purple fruits in fall for jelly, wine, & birds. Fast growth; prefers moist site in full sun-pt shade, but soil adaptable. Wildlife, hedge, thicket. 2-3' (9-12’)  ME   $9.00    Maine Grown 

    Hazelnut, American (Corylus americana) Thicket forming shrub with 1/2" edible nuts for people and wildlife (deer, grouse, squirrels, chipmunks, woodcock). Sun to shade in moist to dry soils. Good fall color. Hedge, buffer; 2+ plants ensure good pollination. Larval host for Early Hairstreak. 2-3' (5-7’)  ME  $7.00  Sold Out!



    Lilac, common (Syringa vulgaris) Z2. Classic purple-blooming lilac! Hardy plants w/fragrant flowers in May. Best in full sun in a variety of soils; tolerates drought/no ponding. Good specimen, screen, windbreak. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Prune out largest stems to maintain. 2-3' (8-12’)   $8.00 

    Lilac 'James MacFarlane'
    (Syringa x prestoniae) Z2. Elegant lilac cultivar with profuse, fragrant, pink flowers two weeks after common lilac. Non-suckering plant makes great specimen or informal hedge. Prefers moist, well-drained soil but adaptable to wetter conditions than common lilac. Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. 3 yr old transplant. 12-24" (to 8')   $15.00 

    Meadowsweet (Spiraea alba var. latifolia) Z3. Hard to find in the trade, easy to find in nature, this upright, deciduous shrub grows in average, medium to wet, well-drained soil in full sun (preferred) to part shade. Don't let soil dry out! Deadheading promotes extended bloom. Good for holding soil at pond/stream edge. Larval host for Spring Azure butterfly 18-24" (2-4') ME  $5.00       


    New Jersey tea (Ceanothus americanus)  Z4. Adaptable, nitrogen-fixing shrub w/ dense clusters of fragrant, white flowers in summer. Deep root system for cover on dry rocky slopes, banks, lake-shore. Sun to pt shade; dry to avg well-drained soils; very drought tolerant. Leaves for tea. Great pollinator plant; larval host. 18-24” (2-3’)  ME     $9.00    Maine grown


    Ninebark, eastern (Physocarpus opulifolius) Adaptable shrub with showy clusters of small pink/wht flowers in late spring. Attractive, reddish seed capsules;exfoliating bark. Good in shallow, dry to moist soils in sun/pt shade. Prune after flowering; cut to ground to rejuvenate. 2-3’ (4-8’)   ME      $9.00     Maine Grown


    Raspberry, purple-flowering (Rubus odoratus) Z3. Great ornamental raspberry  with big purple flowers over long bloom period in summer; fruits for wildlife. Large, palmate, limey-green, aromatic leaves - almost tropical looking. Suckering shrub good for holding soil/ground cover in sun-pt shade in avg to moist soil. 12-18" (3-6') ME  $5.00


    Rose, swamp (Rosa palustris) Z4. Fragrant, single, pink flowers in Jun for bees/butterflies; red hips in Aug for birds. Reddish fall leaf color. Best in full sun in moist to wet soils; tolerates occasional flooding. Good naturalized, moist bank, or rain garden. 6-12” (3-6’)  ME   Bundle of 3 for $10.00



    Rose, Virginia (Rosa virginiana) Z3. Single, pink, fragrant flowers in Jun; red hips in Aug. Lustrous, dark-green leaves; purplish fall color. Best in well-drained, acid soil in full sun; tolerates salt & pruning; adaptable. Good for hedge, banks, wildlife. 6-12” (4-5’) ME   Bundle of 3 for $10.00 


    Snowberry (Symphoricarpos alba) Z3. Rounded, fine-textured shrub with clusters of tiny, pink, bell-shaped flowers in summer followed by persistent, white berries in fall and winter. Use for hedge or screen in sun to pt shade on moist site; naturalize in open woodland or on slope. Drought tolerant. Food & nesting for game/song birds; larval host for Sphinx Moth. 3 yr old transplant. 18-24" (4-6') ME   $7.00

    Spicebush (Lindera benzoin) Z4. Clusters of small, yellow, fragrant flowers cover stems in early spring before leaves; red fruits on female plants for migratory birds. Aromatic leaves turn yellow-gold in fall; excellent for hot or cold tea in summer. Avg to wet soils; shade-pt sun. Nectar for early pollinators; larval host for Spicebush & Tiger Swallowtails. 2-3' (5-7’)   ME  $9.00   Maine Grown   Sold Out!


    Steeplebush (Spiraea tomentosa) Z3. Tiny, pink to rose-purple flowers in dense, steeple-like spikes from mid-summer-fall on upright, unbranched stems with woolly leaves. Best in moist soil & full sun, but tolerates light shade. Forms colonies on pond margins, wet meadows, rain gardens. Attracts birds/butterflies. Larval host: Columbia Silkmoth. 18-24" (2-4')  ME  $5.00 

    Sumac, fragrant (Rhus aromatica) Tough, low-growing shrub for stabilizing banks or areas w/poor soil. Female flowers produce typical sumac berries for birds or “lemonade”; stems aromatic when crushed. Spectacular orange, red, purple color on trifoliate leaves in fall. Larval host: Red-banded Hairstreak. 18-24" (2-4’)  $6.00 

    Sweetshrub (Calycanthus floridus) *Z4. Dense, rounded, suckering shrub with shiny, deep green foliage and highly fragrant, deep maroon flowers (2" across) in summer that smell like a strawberry-banana. Full sun to part-shade in good soil. Plant where you can enjoy the fragrance! Prune right after flowering for shape & size; remove root suckers to control spread. Native to SE. 2-3' (4-6')  $8.00

    Sweetspire 'Scarlet Beauty' (Itea virginica) Z4. Compact, hardy selection of Virginia sweetspire (-25F) from a plant at the Morton Aroboretum. Lovely spikes of lightly fragrant, white flowers on arching branches in summer; beautiful red foliage in fall. Spreads slowly by suckers. Best on moist to wet sites (freshwater shorelines) in part shade; full sun with enough moisture. Native to SE. 2-3'" transplant (3-4')  $17.00 

    Viburnum, blackhaw (Viburnum prunifolium) Z3. Fine textured, upright understory woodland shrub. Large, showy clusters of white flowers in spring; persistent, edible, blue-black fruits in fall. Glossy leaves are red/purple in fall. Specimen, hedge, screen in avg. to dry soils; pt shade -sun. 2-3' (6-9’) $9.00    Maine Grown

    Viburnum, cranberrybush (Viburnum opulus v. trilobum) Z2. Large, flat-topped clusters of white flowers in spring; brilliant red fruit through winter for wildlife; may also be harvested for preserves. Beautiful fall foliage - yellow to red-purple. Attracts pollinators. Great hedge/screen. Full-pt sun; moist, well-drained soil. 2-3' (8-12’)  ME   $9.00    Maine Grown

    Viburnum, nannyberry (Viburnum lentago) Z2. You can never have too many viburnums! This upright, multi-stemmed shrub has large flat-topped clusters of white flowers for pollinators in spring; blue-black fruits for birds & wildlife or jam in fall. Great hedge or screen, or prune out suckers for specimen. Larval host. Sun-pt shade in most soils. 2-3' (10-14’)    ME     $9.00    Maine Grown


    Viburnum 'Winterthur' (Viburnum nudum) Z5. Beautiful, medium-size selection of witherod or possumhaw viburnum from Winterthur Gardens in Delaware. Fragrant, white flowers in spring followed by clusters of blue-black berries in fall. Fruit develops over long period so clusters show white, pink, blue, purple-black fruits  at the same time. Glossy leaves in summer; maroon/purple-red in fall. Best in moist spot in pt shade. 12-18"  (5-7')   $12.00   Not available in 2019       

    Willow, pussy (Salix discolor) Z4. Showy, pearl gray, catkins before leaves in early spring (largest on male plants). Avg, med to wet soils in full sun/pt shade; no dry. Good hedge in wet areas, rain garden. Early forage for pollinators. Tolerant of pruning - cut to ground to rejuvenate. Plants are not sexed! 12-24” (6-12’)    ME    $9.00   Maine Grown

    Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) Z3. Showy, persistent, bright red berries on female plants in fall/winter; lustrous dark green leaves. Tolerates heavy, wet, poorly drained soils in sun/pt shade. Good in border/rain garden/mass. Unsexed seedlings - buy a few!  18-24” (4-8’)  ME  $6.00

    Male and Female Winterberry varieties available:

     A winterberry plant has either male or female flowers. Only plants with female flowers produce red fruits and only if flowers are pollinated by a plant with male flowers. The seedlings we sell (above) are not "sexed" - we don't know which are male or female.

    However, the nursery industry reproduces male and female varieties from cuttings. We offer standard size winterberry (7-9') and dwarf winterberry (3-4') individually or in packages of 2 female plants and one male pollinator.


    Winterberry ‘Winter Red’ Z4. Large, female winterberry with lustrous, dark green foliage and a profusion of bright red berries that persist into winter. ‘Southern Gentleman’ req, for pollination and fruit. 18-24” (7-9’) $17.00

    Winterberry ‘Southern Gentleman’ Z4. Male pollinator for ‘Winter Red’. Plant within 30’ of females. 12-28" (5-6’)   $17.00


    Winterberry ‘Red Sprite’ Z4. Female cultivar of dwarf winterberry with the same great red fruit! 12-18” (3-4’)   $17.00    

    Winterberry ‘Jim Dandy’ Z4. Male pollinator for Red Sprite. Plant within 30’ of females.18-24” (3-5’)  $17.00     



    Winterberry Package for $45.00 (Save $6.00): 2 plants of female and 1 plant of male cultivar Choose either "Standard" or "Dwarf" from drop-down menu when ordering.  $45.00 for 3 plants: 2 females, 1 male


    Witchhazel, common (Hamamelis virginiana) Z3. Large shrub w/ fragrant, spidery, yellow flowers in Oct/Nov. Dk green leaves w/wavy margins; good yellow in fall. Avg to moist soils in full sun to pt shade on moist soils; tolerates clay. Tall hedge/screen/specimen/shrub border. 2-3’ (8-15’)    ME  $9.00 

     SOLD OUT!



    • Non-invasive; native to E or Central US
    • Vines: First year - they sleep; second year - they creep; third year - they leap!

     Virginia Creeper*(Parthenocissus quinquefolia) Z3b/4. Deciduous vine with tendrils & holdfasts; early, maroon fall color. Blue berries in fall for birds. Full sun-full shade on most soils. Great on rock walls, to cover chainlink fences. Without support, acts as groundcover. Salt tolerant; takes what ever you throw at it!  6-12” (to 30’) ME   $5.00