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    Supervisor Elections


    Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is guided by a volunteer board of local landowners - three elected and two appointed supervisors - who each serve overlapping three year terms. The District also is advised by non-voting associate supervisors appointed by the Board to expand the pool of knowledge, interest, and volunteer assistance for District programs and projects.

    A general election - open to all registered voters residing in Knox and Lincoln counties - is held each fall to fill the vacancy for the elected supervisor whose term is expiring.

    If you are interested in more information about how you might assist the District, please send us an email at or call the District office at 207 596 2040.

    2013 Supervisor Election

    Balloting: Nov 1 - Nov 15, 2013

    Sharon Chadwick is running for re-election for a three-year term (Jan 1, 2014 to Dec 31, 2016). She has been serving as an elected District Supervisor since 2007. Prior to that she served as an Associate Supervisor for a number of years and Appointed Supervisor beginning in 2004. Sharon lives with her husband, Gerald, and daughter Shelby at BenEva Farm in Warren, which was started more than 65 years ago by her grandparents, Ben and Eva Barbour. Sharon and Jerry “came home” to run the farm with Sharon’s grandparents in 1988 and still operate as a conservation farm, raising commercial Black Angus beef for the freezer and feedlots, and selling hay. They expanded nutrient and pasture management practices with a manure storage facility, a heavy use pad area, and, recently, a livestock barn. In addition, Sharon works in laboratory research at Lonza BioScience in Rockland and Gerry works for the Nobleboro Sanitation Department. Sharon looks forward each year to judging the Annual Poster Contest and helping out at the Conservation Fair and Spring Plant Sale. 

    Persons wishing to vote in the election:

    1. Any person desiring to vote in the election for District Supervisor must be a registered voter residing within the boundaries of the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District.
    2. To receive a ballot:

    a. Click HERE to download a Ballot and Voter Registration Affidavit
    b. Contact the District office at 596-2040 or to receive a Ballot and Voter Registration Affidavit by mail or email.

         3.  All Ballots and Voter Registration Affidavits must be received at the District office by 4:30 pm on Friday, November 15, 2013

    Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is an equal opportunity employer and provider.