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    2018 Supervisor Election

    Mark Hedrich of Union was re-elected as Supervisor on Nov 28, 2018. Congratulations, Mark!

    • Nomination petitions must be received by Monday, Oct 15, 2018 at 4:00pm

    • Ballots must be received by Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018 at 4:00pm and will be counted at the board of Supervisor meeting that evening.


    Board of SupervisorsImage result for ballot box image

    Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is guided by a volunteer board of local landowners - three elected and two appointed supervisors - who each serve overlapping, three-year terms. Supervisors are registered resident voters of Knox or Lincoln counties and are responsible for guiding the District’s business affairs and operations. Elected and appointed supervisors, along with non-elected associate supervisors, oversee technical assistance projects; education, outreach, and conservation programs; and set priorities for District employees.

    A general election - open to all registered voters residing in Knox and Lincoln counties - is held each fall to fill the vacancy for the elected supervisor whose term is expiring.


    Anyone interested in running for the office of supervisor or voting in the election must be a resident registered voter within the boundaries of the Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD). Candidates need have only an interest in conservation and a willingness, at a minimum, to participate in a monthly board meeting at the District office at 893 West St in Rockport. To run for an elected position, a candidate must submit a short biography and a nomination petition signed by 25 Knox and/or Lincoln county residents.

    For appointed positions, the Knox-Lincoln SWCD Board of Supervisors submits up to three names of interested individuals to the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, which chooses the appointee.

    In addition, the SWCD Board welcomes Associate Supervisors, non-voting members appointed by the Board, who may have an interest in the general activities of the District or a specific area of interest or expertise to share.  

    2018 Supervisor Election - November 28, 2018

    Elected positions:

    Mark Hedrich, currently Chair of the Board of Supervisors for Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District, is running uncontested for a three-year term.

    Mark Hedrich has been an elected Supervisor since 1986. He and his wife, Linda Rose, own Agricola Farms, a diversified 117-acre farm in Union and operate Agricola Farms County Store. Mark received a B.S. in Animal and Veterinary Sciences from the University of Maine at Orono and an M.S. from Cornell University, specializing in ruminant nutrition. A former dairy farmer, Mark served as a member (and President) of the Executive Board of the Maine Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) and a member of the MACD Advisory Council. He also served as Councilman to the National Association of Conservation Districts, traveling extensively throughout the U.S. representing Maine. Mark was active with the Farm Service Agency County Committee for 21 years, serving as Chairman for 10 years. Currently, Mark is the State Nutrient Management Program Coordinator for the Maine Department of Agriculture.

    Appointed Positions:

    Diane Schivera, currently a member of the Board of Supervisors for Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District, has been recommended to the Department of Agriculutre, Conservation & Forestry for a three-year term.

    Diane Schivera has worked as MOFGA’s livestock specialist since 1998. The position brings information to all farmers and homesteaders interested in primarily organic practices. In collaboration with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, NRCS, and farmers, she was instrumental in starting Maine Grass Farmers Network, which works to educate farmers on pasture improvement and hay management to make the fields and farms more resilient. Diane also has a small farm/homestead in Appleton that includes various livestock, vegetable and pasture fields, an orchard and wood lot - all of which aim for sustainable practices.

    TO VOTE:

    1. Click HERE to download a ballot or contact the District office.
    2. Ballots must be received at the District office no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 and will be counted at our monthly board meeting on that date.

    To receive nomination petitions, a ballot, or for more information about becoming a supervisor or associate supervisor, contact Election Superintendent Hildy Ellis at 893 West Street (Route 90) in Rockport, 596-2040 or hildy@knox-lincoln.org.

    Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District is an equal opportunity employer and provider.