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Office Hours
8:30-4:30 weekdays*

*Please call ahead to make sure we are in! Although we make every attempt to have the office open during these hours, at times we are both out of the office for education programs or technical assistance.

893 West St (Rt 90)
Rockport, ME 04856


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    Technical Assistance Services


    Knox-Lincoln SWCD is able to provide low cost technical assistance and engineering design services to towns, organizations and individuals in Knox and Lincoln counties.

    Base rate (est. 2015) is $50/hour, unless otherwise noted. Minimum fee for site visit is $50.

    Please contact us for a consultation:
         - Call the office at (207) 596-2040

         - Send an email to info @knox-lincoln.org
         - Scroll down and complete the form at the bottomm of this page

    Some of the services we provide are:

    Erosion Control Technical Assistance

    District staff meets with landowners, private road associations, and municipal officials to provide options for addressing problems that impact water resources including pre- and post-construction activities. Assistance includes site visit and written recommendations.

    Permit-By-Rule Preparation

    Preparation of Maine DEP’s Permit-By-Rule for water quality improvement projects. Includes site visit as well as document preparation. (Landowner serves as agent on documentation.)
    Base rate: $200 per permit, plus current DEP permit fee ($65). Anything over 4 hours will be billed at $50/hour

    Natural Resource Protection Act Permits (NRPA)

    District staff prepares Maine DEP’s Natural Resource Protection Act Permits for water quality improvement projects. Includes site visits as necessary as well as document preparation. (Landowner serves as agent on documentation.)
    Base rate: $1,500 per permit, plus DEP permit fees. Anything over 30 hours will be billed at $50/hour

    Natural Resource Assessments

    Landowners and municipalities or potential buyers looking to better understand their land as it exists and how to manage it for specific uses such as blueberry fields, forestry, water quality/quantity issues, soil health, hayland and pasture management. Assistance includes a site visit and written recommendations.

    Nutrient Management Plans

    District staff prepares plans to meet State of Maine standards. (Note: This plan will not meet criteria for NRCS EQIP programs.) Work will include site visit and written plan.

    Soil Testing

    District staff will extract soil for testing to specifications of landowner. Sample(s) will be sent to the University of Maine lab. Results will be sent directly to the landowner. If desired, a separate time may be set up to review the recommendations.
    Base rate plus cost of soil test(s)

    Stream Crossings

    District staff provides assistance with planning and/or maintenance of culvert or open bottom installations of stream crossings. Includes site visit, written recommendations and engineered drawings as necessary.
    District staff: Base rate
    Engineer: $80/hour

    Third Party Assessments

    District staff provides recommendations to landowners and/or municipalities regarding potential or existing erosion problems due to construction activities. Assessment includes recommendations during and/or after construction on best management practices. Written recommendations provided to all parties involved.

    Contractor Certification Site Inspections

    District staff inspects contractor job sites to evaluate the implementation of Best Management Practices in erosion and sedimentation control. This inspection follows an 8-hour course offered by the DEP and is required for contractors to be certifed to work in the shoreland zone.
    Through Sep 2015 this program was funded by the DEP. Until further notice this program in unfunded and Districts will charge for this service. Please call the office for more information, 207-596-2040.

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