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    Plant Sale Online Catalog - Deciduous Flowering Trees  


    Deciduous trees - all prices include sales tax

    Birch, paper (Betula papyrifera) Z2. Most ornamental native birch; provides light shade. Smooth, white bark peels in papery layers. Brilliant yellow fall color. Full sun; acid, moist, sandy or silty loam soils. Catkins, buds & seeds for birds; twigs for deer. 18-24" (30-50’)  ME  $6.00

    Birch, river (Betula nigra) Z4. Resistant to Bronze Birch Borer. Fast growing. Salmon-colored, flaking bark darkens w/age. Good screen; golden fall color; tolerates wet soils/dry summers. 18-24” (30-50’) 
    $9.00  Maine grown

    Birch, sweet (Betula lenta) Z3. Medium-large shade tree resistant to bronze birch borer. Best on deep, rich, moist, acidic soils in full sun; can also be found on rocky, drier sites and heavy soil; tolerates light shade. Reddish brown-black bark; excellent yellow fall leaf color. Sap was source of birch beer and oil of wintergreen. 2-3' (40-50')   $9.00  Maine grown

    Dogwood, pagoda (Cornus alternifolia) Z3. Fabulous specimen with distinctive horizontal branching; fragrant, white flowers attract butterflies in spring (larval host for Spring Azure); blue-black fruits for wildlife in late summer/fall. Moist soil; full sun w/cool root run (afternoon shade). 2-3’ (15-20’)  ME 
    Maine grown   Back!



    Hackberry, common (Celtis occidentalis) Z2. Heralded as 'one tough tree," hackberry is a medium-large shade tree related to American elm. Interesting warty bark; leaves with uneven bases. Found on dry to wet soils/well-drained to poorly drained sites. Tolerant of wind and ice, short-term flooding, heat, drought, pollution & salt spray. Purple-black fruits for wildlife; larval host of Hackberrry Emperor. 4-5'  (30-50')  
       Maine grown


    Hophornbeam (Ostrya virginiana)  Z3. Beautiful, upland, understory tree with attractive birch-like leaves, “hops-like” seed pods; bark shaggy at maturity. Great small, spreading, lawn tree in full sun to part shade. Drought tolerant; no salt.  2-3'’ (20-30’)   ME $9.00  Maine grown  

    Hornbeam, American (Carpinus caroliniana) Z3. Slow-growing, small, understory tree with smooth, sinewy, gray bark ('musclewood'). Extremely hard wood once used for tool handles. Prefers moist, organic, rich soils (floodplains), but is easily grown in average, medium moisture soil in part to full shade.  2-3' (20-30')  $9.00   ME  Maine grown


    Maple, mountain (Acer spicatum) Small, multi-trunk understory tree adapted to moist, cool, acid soils in part shade; dark green, rugose leaves with orange to red fall color. Good wildlife tree; erosion control on streambanks & slopes. Upright, flower spikes in July. 2-3' (20-30')  ME $9.00  Maine grown


    Maple, red (Acer rubrum)  Z3. Relatively fast growing. Attractive, red flowers, fruit, twigs, fall leaves; first tree to color in fall. Easy to establish; adaptable to occasional flooding/wet soils. 2-3’ (50-70’) ME  $7.00


    Maple, sugar (Acer saccharum) Z3. Large, ornamental shade tree; stunning fall color. Best in cool, moist sites; prefers well-drained, fertile, acidic soils. Grown commercially for hardwood & syrup. Rich leaf litter builds soils. 2-3’ (50-75’)   ME   $7.00  

    Mountainash, American (Sorbus americana) Z3. Flat-topped, white flower clusters in May/June; small, orange-red persistent fruits for birds/small rodents in fall. Pinnately compound leaves turn yellow to red in fall. Cool, moist soil (no dry) in sun-pt shade. 2-3’ (15-30’)   ME  $9.00


    Oak, white (Quercus alba) Z3. Large, slow-growing shade tree; best in rich, moist, acidic, well-drained loams in full sun, but adapts to a wide variety of soil conditions; good drought tolerance. Lovely leaves with rounded lobes; acorns much sweeter than red oak. Once common in midcoast ME, before trees were cut for shipbuilding. 2-3' (50-80')  ME  $7.00 



    Plum, American (Prunus americana) Z3. Best pollinator for hybrid plums! Fragrant, white flowers in spring followed by 1” red plums good for jam & wildlife. Good hedgerow, shrub border, specimen. Full sun-pt shade; avg-dry, well-drained soil. 2-3’ (15-20’’)   ME   $7.00

    Redbud, eastern (Cercis canadensis) Z5(4). Clusters of fabulous pinky-purple, pea-like, edible flowers cover branches in early spring, followed by heart-shaped leaves that turn yellow in fall. Early nectar for bees. Sun/pt shade in moist soil. 2-3' (20-25’)  $7.00


    Serviceberry, Allegheny (Amelanchier laevis) Z4. Fragrant, white flowers bloom just as red-tinged leaves emerge. Best tasting berries! Multi-stem tree with smooth grey bark. Full sun-pt shade. 18-24"’ (to 25’)  ME $7.00 

    Walnut, black* (Juglans nigra) Z4. Large shade tree with dark green leaves, edible nuts; husks used for dyeing. Allelopathic, so plant away from your vegetable garden. 2-3' (40-50’)  $7.00  NH seed source 



    Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea) Z4. Beautiful shade tree with smooth grey bark, pinnately compound foliage, panicles of fragrant white spring flowers for bees, autumn seed pods and yellow fall color. Disease/pest free; deep roots; easy to grow in avg soil, avg moisture. Prune in summer.  2-3' (30-50’)  $9.00  Maine grown