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    Enviroscape Watershed Model


    We all live in a watershed - an area of land that drains to a particular body of water such as a river, lake, or bay. Everything that happens in a watershed affects the river, lake, or bay. Our watershed model demonstrates this concept to students of all ages.

    Water pollution comes from many sources.

    •  Nonpoint sources, such as runoff, and point sources, pollution that comes out of a pipe (like from a factory).
    • The combined affect of nonpoint pollution from many small sources can have a real impact on the quality of our shared water resources and may be just as damaging as pollution that comes out of a pipe!

    Let Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District bring the Watershed Model to your school, classroom, or fair (adaptable to all grade levels) so that students can learn for themselves about watersheds, the importance of good water quality, and where pollution comes from.

    Using the watershed model, students will get to "see" how stormwater pollution and runoff occur when "rain" falling on the landscape carries soil (cocoa), chemicals (colored water), and oil (cocoa and water mixture) through the watershed to a body of water. 

    Students will also see the beneficial effects of Best Management Practices that everyone can use for conservation and pollution prevention.

    To schedule a learning session, contact Rebecca Jacobs at (207) 596-2040 or rebecca@knox-lincoln.org.